How To fix lag problem in pubg Mobile for 1/2GB Ram Devices Without Heating Up


    SHow To fix lag problem in PUBG Mobile for 1/2GB Ram Devices Without Heating Up


    1. How To fix lag problem in PUBG Mobile for 1/2GB Ram Devices Without Heating Up.
    2. Lag problem fix for 1/2GB Ram Devices.
    3. Fix lag problem in PUBG Mobile without heating up.

    Did you guys searching for How To fix lag problem in PUBG Mobile for 1/2GB Ram Devices Without Heating Up. You are at right place on Techhub, today i will tell you the best methods to fix lag problem in PUBG Mobile.

    Let me tell you the PUBG mobile requirements for Android Devices.

    For PUBG Mobile Android Requirements : here i will be talking about small mobile devices only which have upto 2/3GB Ram only. And about the hardware software’s which is inbuilt i will be not talking about hardware processors.

    For the starting PUBG version android processors version at 5.1.1 or its higher complexions versions will support PUBG mobile without lag on its all lowest settings till i know.

    You will slightly observe some lag problems in PUBG mobile while playing in between. But believe me guys TechHub is going to discuss with you guys about how to fix lag in PUBG mobile for 1GB or 2GB devices.

    Follow these magical instructions to Fix lag problem in PUBG Mobile easily :

    1. Clear all your running background apps in recent apps, to run PUBG mobile at rapid speed.
    2. Make sure to have good internet connection while playing PUBG mobile.
    3. Don’t play any music song while playing PUBG mobile, as it affects your gaming performance.
    4. Never run any other big file application in background process, as this is going to affect your PUBG mobile performance a lot.
    5. Try to use a suitable Gfx tool for PUBG mobile.
    6. Don’t play PUBG mobile while charging up your device, it may heat up for device fast and later on affect performance of PUBG mobile.
    7. Delete all the junk files from your Android storage, as it will smooth up PUBG mobile lag problem.
    8. Uninstall all unnecessary application things from mobile storage. That’s it.


    These all steps, we’re the natural instructions through which you can low down lagging problem behind PUBG mobile.

    How storage affects PUBG mobile performances ?

    All long till now i understand in PUBG mobile is that if our mobile storage is full we cannot play it more better as compared to decides having 6GB or 8GB Ram’s.

    Does ram also affects PUBG Mobile Performance ?

    Yes, Ram is the only internal storage due to which PUBG mobile players have to suffer from PUBG mobile lag. As slowly slowly your phone’s ram is filled up with different different applications you are having installed in your smartphone.


    How much Ram or storage is needed for Better PUBG mobile performance ?

    According to me, you can play PUBG mobile in any of the device having 2GB or 3Gb or more than it. I am using my Vivo V5, which is intentionally 4 to 5 years old. In which i can run PUBG mobile easily.

    You can also play PUBG mobile tricks  in any device but also remembers that instructions given by Techhub. So your PUBG mobile lag problem can be fixed at some levels.

    Nowadays, we people starting buying devices for PUBG mobile like oneplus 7, iphone’s and many more. But on the other side people are really not able to buy any expensive phone and that’s is strange.

    Low settings for PUBG Mobile lag Problem Fix :

    While playing PUBG mobile you guys can, switch its graphic settings to its lowest terms. As this will gave you much better results than your previous PUBG Graphics settings.

    Follow these steps to make PUBG mobile low settings :

    1. Open your PUBG Mobile Application.
    2. After yours PUBG mobile opens, Go to PUBG mobile settings.
    3. Tap on Graphics, and then.
    4. Select Smooth Graphics and Low frame rates.
    5. Turn of all shadows and other PUBG mobile graphics settings.

    Don’t use any Configure Codes for PUBG mobile updates :

    PUBG mobile gamers on youtube had started making their own PUBG mobile lag fix configure. This will affect your whole PUBG mobile system and later on will become the most lagging PUBG mobile problem for you.

    Configure for PUBG mobile contains low settings graphic settings for PUBG mobile due to which it system up with your device. And slow down the working process of PUBG mobile. You can see the changes before installing PUBG mobile lag fix configure and after its installation of changes.

    Basically guys this was all for today by TechHub, make sure you guys comment me down about your PUBG mobile lag problem fix and can come back again on Techhub.


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