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    Legend x pubg is getting popularity nowadays playing pubg mobile. He love playing pubg mobile professionally as an indian pubg mobile player. So lets talk more about Legend X Pubg Biography, Legend X Pubg Id, Legend X Pubg Sensitivity.

    Legend X His Pubg Biography/Wiki

    Legend X , is a 18 Years old indian pubg mobile player from Haridwar, Uttrakhand. he is famous for his ultimate spray M416 + 6xscope. he was first step out in youtube journey on 5 November 2017.

    Previously legend X was working on name of Legend tech and later on it changes due to legend x pubg video status. Legend X started playing pubg mobile since season 2 beginning. But legend X pubg is not in any clan.

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    PUBG ID Number510190306
    Real NameLaksh Gupta
    Legend X clan nameHe is not in any clan
    Legend X pubg controls4 Finger Claw
    Legend X pubg partner nameFNC・paritOsh
    Gadget of Legend X pubgiphone 11 and ipad
    Crew nameSirius Team
    Legend X Pubg Popularity143.7K
    Date Of Birth

    What is real name of legend X

    Laksh Gupta is the real name of Legend X. Laksh Gupta is from Haridwar, uttrakhand.

    What is his age

    Laksh Gupta or Legend X is 17 years old. He started pubg mobile journey in 2017.

    What is Legend X pubg Id and his pubg name

    Legend X pubg id is 510190306. You can check out this his pubg id and send him a request. And his pubg name or character is LEGENDĦX.

    What is his crew name

    TeamSirius is the legend x pubg crew name.

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    What is the earning of legend X pubg mobile

    Legend x earns almost more than $500 from YouTube through his pubg mobile gaming channel Legend X. On the other hand they earn much contribution from sponsorship and promotions.

    Legend X youtube channel pubg

    Legend X known as laksh Gupta, from Haridwar, Uttrakhand. A normal boy who was a pubg lover freak started his youtube channel on 5 november 2017. He has more than 735k subscribers on his legend x youtube channel. And having large amount of views nearly 68+ millions.

    His Some Social Links

    Legend x pubg have instagram has more than 48.4k followers. he had almost 108 uploaded post. He is following almost 31 people right now.

    Legend XFacebook
    Legend XInstagram
    Legend XYoutube

    Legend X pubg mobile video / Gameplay

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