Top 10 Erangel Pubg Mobile tricks and tips, Pubg mobile Erangel tricks advanced 2020


    Top 10 Erangel PUBG Mobile tricks and tips, PUBG mobile erangle tricks advanced 2020

    Hey Guys welcome back again to TechHub, on a fresh article on PUBG mobile tricks.That is Top 10 erangel PUBG Mobile tricks and tips, PUBG mobile erangel tricks advanced 2020. Try out all this PUBG mobile erangle tricks and tips and let us know about all PUBG mobile tricks in the comment section down.


    1. Unbelievable PUBG mobile erangel tricks and tips.
    2. how this all PUBG mobile tricks works.
    3. From where i got these PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020.

    All this PUBG mobile erangel tricks and tips, are had been practised by me (TechHub). A PUBG mobile player can try this amazing PUBG mobile erangel tricks and really enjoy a lot while practising my PUBG mobile erangel tricks.

    1. Pick up only any one of the grenade, drop it from backpack before 1-2 second from being thrown –

    A PUBG mobile player can usually understand this PUBG mobile erangel trick when it will fully explained it. When you throw any of the PUBG mobile grenade that is bomb grenade, smoke grenade and stun grenade.

    A PUBG mobile player had to be wait for five seconds of break in between throwing the PUBG mobile grenades. And in between this five second of time period open the PUBG mobile backpack. And drop your PUBG mobile grenades.

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    Hence if a PUBG mobile player is running out of grenades, this PUBG mobile grenade trick will absolutely help him. To get again a new PUBG mobile grenade. Try out this PUBG mobile grenade trick and let us know about this PUBG trick in comment section.

    2. Apartments Near School, have a wonderful PUBG erangel trick look below –

    When, your going in PUBG mobile through the road between Rozhok and school. You had to be see an apartment of school just behind it. And you find that some PUBG mobile enemies are there in the school apartments. Don’t rush into into school apartments quickly. Find out a PUBG mobile car or any other PUBG mobile vehicle.

    Then just enter into PUBG mobile car, and look onto the school apartments windows. This PUBG mobile trick will pretty sure tell you that how to check out the enemy location in PUBG mobile school apartments though a PUBG mobile.

    player can easily try up this trick and can surprise the PUBG mobile enemies waiting up in the apartments of school PUBG mobile.

    3. A PUBG mobile erangel trick for double storey house that have rooms more than two or three in PUBG mobile –

    This is a all time PUBG mobile tricks and tips that a PUBG mobile player don’t know. Making this PUBG mobile double storey house trick know, you will surprise your PUBG mobile enemy. Now understand this PUBG mobile trick below.

    Find out a double storey house in PUBG mobile, make your other teammate stand outside of the PUBG mobile house door. And a PUBG mobile player have to sit just behind a PUBG mobile gate. Tell your teammate to open the PUBG mobile gate, and see this new PUBG mobile erangel trick. You will be moved to another PUBG mobile room within a second.


    4. Make your PUBG mobile erangel tricks controls transparency low to make gameplay area more visibly –

    Nowadays more than all PUBG mobile player had to be see using PUBG mobile claw settings. This PUBG mobile claw control settings sometimes make the gameplay objects cover. Maybe sometimes your PUBG mobile enemies in front of you don’t be seen, because of PUBG mobile claw settings.

    Go to under the settings of PUBG mobile, and open PUBG mobile control settings option. Find transparency option for PUBG mobile claw settings there. And make it down to 10% from 100% of the transparency PUBG mobile control settings visibility. And according to your transparency seeing setting you want for PUBG mobile control settings.

    5. Change the arrow point color of any PUBG mobile scopes you want to displayed while firing –

    When a PUBG mobile player open his gun for firing, the PUBG mobile player had to be saw a while color dots. Under his PUBG mobile scopes. If a PUBG mobile player feel uncomfortable having that white color dots. Then here is way that.

    How to change the scope dots color in PUBG mobile ?

    For purposes of how to change color of dots under PUBG mobile scopes. Follow those steps written by TechHub downwards.

    • Go to PUBG mobile settings.
    • Open the scope setting ms in PUBG mobile.
    • Select that color only which you want to see on scope dots.
    • Save the PUBG mobile settings.
    • Go back and observe the changes in while opening the PUBG mobile scopes for firing.

    6. Jump or Crouch when you got attacked by your PUBG mobile enemy –

    Jump and crouch are the two best features for PUBG mobile players. In the situation of fighting in PUBG mobile, we had to be done work through this both jump and crouch button. When a PUBG mobile player will jump, some of the bullets from the PUBG mobile enemies side will left untouched to our body.

    Hence, when a PUBG mobile player will jump on in the fighting squad situation he will be less damaged from PUBG mobile enemies firing attack. On the other side crouch button on PUBG mobile is there which bends down the player character while playing PUBG mobile.

    Simultaneously the crouch will obvious bend down PUBG mobile player while playing. And protect from the headshots due to be bend down. This all PUBG mobile erangel tricks a player can practise in TDM warehouse.

    7. Looting an air drop or flare drop in PUBG mobile, first throw a smoke grenade on it –

    The chances of getting to be killed by your PUBG mobile enemies while looting an air drop or flare drop is more. A way of throwing up the smoke grenades on the flare drop and air drop may save your PUBG mobile life. Throwing a smoke grenade will probably make your character near air drop and flare drop visible less.

    But the duration of smoke grenade in PUBG mobile is up-to 10-15 seconds of time or maybe less among this PUBG mobile time. For this smoke grenade timing purpose in PUBG mobile you check took out the help from the timing of play zone circle just under the PUBG mobile map.

    This will help you looting down the PUBG mobile air drop and flare drop safely without being killed by your PUBG mobile enemies.


    8. Adjust your PUBG mobile scopes zooming capacity –

    While we are playing the PUBG mobile, it is obvious that we need a scope in our PUBG mobile guns. But this feature of PUBG mobile, adjusting PUBG mobile scopes capability cannot to be applied on some PUBG mobile scopes. And there are only two of PUBG mobile scopes without this feature of adjusting because they both were already small enough for PUBG mobile guns.

    Holographic Scope
    Mira Red Dot Scope

    This adjusting scope feature of PUBG mobile, works only on the scopes upward from 6x scope and 8x scope. You can switch the 6x scope to 3x scope simultaneously and 8x scope to 4x scope. Try up this PUBG mobile trick will help a PUBG mobile player on a short range attacking time.

    9. Turn on the voice chat to “All”and try team up with your PUBG mobile enemies –

    When you can switch the mic to All and speaker to All you are much able to talk to your PUBG mobile enemies. If you’re nearby to your PUBG mobile enemies you can switch to All and can talk to your PUBG mobile enemies.

    If sometime you’re knocked down by your PUBG mobile enemy, make a try to talk with the PUBG mobile enemy. Switching to ‘All’ may save you to be killed by the enemy on your front. You can also do funny talk with PUBG mobile players while on being started in PUBG mobile airplane.

    10. You can record your funny moments while playing PUBG mobile –

    Now, many PUBG mobile players had been seen playing PUBG mobile professionally. You can also earn money by uploading PUBG mobile montage video on youtube.

    For the screen recorder for PUBG mobile, the inbuilt screen recorder software had to be coming up with new smartphones for PUBG mobile.

    Record your best PUBG mobile highlights and then edit your PUBG mobile videos in video editing software. Uploading this best PUBG mobile highlights videos on youtube will help you gaining popularity and money also.

    Thank you guys for reading this article article Top 10 erangel PUBG Mobile tricks and tips, PUBG mobile erangel tricks advanced 2020. Visit TechHub back for PUBG Mobile Erangle tricks and tips erangle tricks awesome updates and comment me below down.


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