Pubg Mobile georgopol tricks and tips 2020, georgopol tricks and tips


    PUBG Mobile georgopol tricks and tips 2020, georgopol tricks and tips

    Hello guys, welcome back to TechHub. Seeing you guys back feel me very lovely. So basically today’s article is on PUBG Mobile georgopol tricks and tips 2020, georgopol tricks and tips. A famous destructive place, read this full article to know about that PUBG mobile place. And if you know that PUBG mobile location, then us comment down.


    1. About PUBG mobile georgopol tricks and tips..
    2. How to stay in georgopol till last.
    3. Best georgopol tricks to kill enemies.

    All this PUBG mobile PUBG Mobile georgopol tricks and tips 2020, georgopol tricks and tips. Are experienced by me itself, you should try this georgopol tricks and tips and let us know in the comment section below.

    Few PUBG Mobile georgopol tricks and tips –

    Gradually we will be starting this article PUBG Mobile georgopol tricks and tips. From the basic PUBG mobile tips and tricks that we say will be recall for PUBG mobile players before doing start this topic.

    • In georgopol land at that place, where there is less enemies are landed.
    • Quickly look up here & there for PUBG mobile guns.
    • If had been equipped up fully with PUBG mobile guns, then find out enemies and kill them.
    • Always Remember to carry up some meds, first aid, energy drink and pain killer with you.
    • Don’t always loot in open area, as it would result into patt se headshot from your PUBG enemy.
    • In the last circle, change yourself from a PUBG mobile professional player into a snake on grass and you guys very well known about what does snakes meant in PUBG mobile.

    Let’s checkout this PUBG Mobile georgopol tricks and tips 2020, georgopol tricks and tips in brief passage for understanding some of the PUBG mobile knowledge.

    1. Choose a safe place in georgopol , far from other enemies near by –

    If had taken an strongest decision to land at georgopol, then warning players be alert. Maybe your death is waiting in georgopol for you. Therefore always land at a place where there is less amount of PUBG enemies had been dropped by PUBG airplane.


    The less amount of your PUBG mobile enemies will be near by the more you loot. And the more you be killing your enemies. Hence always land near a safe location.

    2. Always use more powerful gun instead of snipers and other guns –

    Firing with the PUBG mobile powerful gun for example M762 or M249. Will easily helpful in doing wipe the squads in few seconds. And that’s the only main point we have to focus on georgopol. If we are carrying a good PUBG mobile gun combination then killing enemies possibilities will increase.

    When you’re not finding any PUBG mobile gun, then you should move out only finding for gun. If you will move to out of georgopol area then someone other will surely kill you. Just only you have to covering yourself by georgopol containers. And move forward to find various PUBG mobile guns.

    3. Use georgopol containers as your covering shield –

    There are numerous times of containers placed in georgopol PUBG mobile. You can furthermore use these containers for your protection acting as shield. When are you’re looting items on upwards containers and if may you had been attacked by someone, than you can took the cover from these containers.

    And when you’re looting on the land of georgopol. You should wipe the PUBG mobile enemies as well as can do loot also inside these georgopol containers. Making you those benefits will densely ranked up your position on PUBG mobile.


    You can hang beside the georgopol warehouse also in order to protect yourself against an PUBG mobile enemy. You can do loot also and can took the use of the small containers situated in the PUBG mobile georgopol containers.

    4. First loot and then attack from georgopol tower –

    You have been seen in georgopol there are more than one or two high altitude towers. You can first loot and fully equipped with guns and armours. Then go to the georogool tower, from there if you try the firing of 6x scope and M416. Then you will the end player survival of georgopol.

    On georgopol tower, if we talk about sniping then you could do sniping also. And be georgopol sniper such that the enemies started hiding themselves from you.

    In other point of view there is a other use of georgopol tower which is called doing defence. If you are landed in gerogopol and couldn’t be enough confidence to survive here. Consequently you could move up to the gerogopol tower to make yourself cover from enemies fighting downwards.

    5. Stop rushing enemies from ground, use the georgopol containers –

    While you are that enemies are fighting somewhere in georgopol, then not move from ground. Jump and Rush From Containers this will slightly gave you very benefits such as not getting damaged from the opponent enemy.

    For example, if your enemy is waiting for you somewhere in your front in georgopol. Then instead of going front of your enemy to kill him you should jump out on a container and then kills your PUBG enemy. While doing this PUBG mobile georgopol tricks you will get enough of PUBG mobile strategy to survive and kill your enemy.

    If your enemy is inside a warehouse then you should not enter the warehouse from front itself. You could enter in the warehouse from the back open area and kill him. Or you can stay behind a container waiting for him to come outside the warehouse and let you shoot the enemy with PUBG mobile powerful guns.


    6. After looting fully in georgopol stay back at at georgopol squad house –

    The georgopol squad house is nearly about 100-150 meters from the main georgopol. The main purpose of this squad house is that you can simply do the sniping from here to georgopol. As many opponent enemies or squads are stopping in the georgopol squad house because of its various benefits.

    When you’re done with looting in georgopol, came back to the near by squad house. And started shooting enemies from here as i had prescribed above. You will be in protection of squad house covering as compare to the enemies roaming in georgopol in open areas.

    7. You should only fire a flare gun near a warehouse in georgopol –

    When you’re looted a flare gun in georgopol or any other PUBG location and if you staying at that time in georgopol. Than you should only fire a flare gun in georgopol near by a warehouse. If you will supply a flare gun in an open area, than you will be killed by your enemy.

    There are various killed possibilities in georgopol due to which you can lost their flare gun as well yourself also. So the only option is you can fire the flare gun near a warehouse and if someone’s do firing on you, the warehouse is there to get covered inside and be safe ourself.

    8. Never waste time on looting, spend time on killing –

    The more you loot in PUBG mobile, the more lost. If a PUBG mobile player had to be landed on georgopol and wasting time on looting then stop it. after you had to be looted a PUBG gun, then started killing enemies.

    If you find a PUBG mobile gun, then started killing your enemies. Pick up any PUBG mobile gun and started firing outside, in georgopol open area. If you will waste time on looting you will also lose your PUBG kills. And this is the only time period when you lost your PUBG mobile kills.

    9. Don’t be snake in georgopol , be a pro PUBG mobile player –

    You might be knowing that in georgopol, there is no grass instead the area near water in georgopol. There is no sufficient area in georgopol to become a snake in gergopol. If you will become a snake in georgopol you will be killed by your PUBG enemies near.

    Instead of PUBG mobile snake, be a PUBG mobile pro player. Without the fear of any PUBG player you can easily face any PUBG player. Accordingly play like a professional PUBG mobile player instead of snake. To gain more highest kills in PUBG mobile.

    10. If the end playzone resist in georgopol, then keep the cover of containers –

    If the end play zone is making up in georgopol then keeping in the use of containers. In the last play zone this georgopol containers will help you alot protecting yourself against your PUBG enemy. As when i used to play PUBG mobile i had been covering up myself only by this containers only. Only this PUBG mobile georgopol tricks will make you a professional PUBG mobile player.

    So thank you very much guys for spending time on TechHub’s article PUBG Mobile georgopol tricks and tips 2020, georgopol tricks and tips. Keep trying this PUBG mobile tricks and comment us down below about all this.


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