Pubg mobile Miramar tricks and tips 2020, PUBG Miramar tricks and tips


    PUBG mobile Miramar tricks and tips 2020, PUBG miramar tricks and tips

    Hello my PUBG conquerors welcome back to TechHub, on the another PUBG mobile miramar trick article. That is PUBG mobile Miramar tricks and tips 2020, PUBG miramar tricks and tips. Going to tell you very amazing PUBG mobile miramar trick that will not known to the PUBG mobile players till now.


    1. PUBG mobile best map miramar tricks.
    2. Tips to survive in map miramar tips till last play zone.
    3. Where we got best miramar looting tricks in PUBG mobile.

    While many of the PUBG mobile players, used to be playing only one the erangel map. On the other hand if we talk moreover about many of the other PUBG mobile players performs to be a miramar map tricks part. Let’s talk more about PUBG miramar tricks.

    1. Don’t be a snake in Miramar, you will be seen easier on PUBG miramar hills look at this easy PUBG miramar trick-

    If a PUBG mobile player had to be move from miramar open hills and suddenly got attacked and hits by PUBG mobile enemies. Then try up these three PUBG mobile features they are –

    • Jumping when got starting hitting by PUBG mobile bullets.
    • Crouching if enemies front of your squad in Miramar map PUBG mobile.
    • Give your PUBG mobile enemies a zigzag motion in order to receive less damage from PUBG mobile bullets and also for being protected.

    But never try up to be PUBG mobile snake player. In Miramar, the PUBG mobile enemy in your front will be easily targeted at you from any of the PUBG mobile snipers. In Miramar map PUBG mobile, there are less obstacles in Miramar map PUBG mobile as compared to map erangel in PUBG mobile Miramar tricks and tips 2020, PUBG miramar tricks and tips PUBG mobile.

    2. Took up full advantage of High PUBG Mobile Miramar Hills –

    A PUBG mobile player can spot the other PUBG mobile enemy from the distant miramar hills of PUBG mobile. If you at top of PUBG mobile miramar hills, and found to be equipped with PUBG mobile 6x scope and 8x scope. With different and best PUBG mobile snipers then achieve winner winner chicken dinner.


    3. Don’t, have ghillie suit desert PUBG mobile use this PUBG mobile miramar trick –

    While to be moved in Miramar PUBG mobile, one location to another location. We had been seen many PUBG mobile miramar bushes, in between the miramar desert. This PUBG mobile miramar bushes will help a PUBG mobile player in hiding in the PUBG mobile miramar bushes itself. Try your luck in PUBG mobile miramar trick, and let your PUBG mobile enemies be surprised.

    4. Choose the best PUBG mobile miramar loot map location –

    If a PUBG mobile player is getting ahead towards PUBG mobile miramar loot map, and want enough PUBG mobile loot. Then head towards pecado miramar PUBG mobile, miramar loot location. Here in miramar a PUBG mobile player can get enough level 3 PUBG mobile miramar loot map.

    5. Miramar desert will slow down some PUBG car speed boost of PUBG mobile cars or vehicles –

    The PUBG mobile cars or PUBG mobile vehicles we used to drive in erangel map PUBG mobile. That PUBG mobile vehicle will not be work high enough speed in Miramar desert PUBG mobile. For this purpose of PUBG mobile Miramar desert map, we need other equipped PUBG mobile cars in nearby PUBG mobile desert Miramar map.


    6. Your PUBG mobile enemies, will more visible in openly desert miramar map –

    A PUBG mobile player had to be noticed that the PUBG mobile enemies are moreover visible in desert map PUBG mobile. You will get to be in protection on PUBG mobile desert map Miramar, from your PUBG mobile enemies. A PUBG mobile pro tricks 2020 player ever to be seen easily on PUBG mobile desert map Miramar.

    Try to be in better cover from PUBG mobile enemies, in open miramar desert area in PUBG mobile.

    7. Use this PUBG mobile miramar trick, and get protected while looting air drop or your flare gun drop –

    I had to be warned all PUBG mobile players in my website TechHub, about looting an airdrop and flare gun drop in PUBG mobile. So let’s start with this PUBG mobile Miramar trick that it’s. Whenever the player of our PUBG mobile is ready out to be an airdrop and flare gun drop looter.

    He must always throw up smoke grenade of PUBG mobile on the flare gun drop and air drop. While getting inside of the smokey part near PUBG mobile air drop and flare gun drop. You will be protected and not more seen to other PUBG mobile enemies.

    8. While looting any of the air drops or your flare gun drop, wear an protection in PUBG mobile –

    That’s very funny while a PUBG mobile player reading on this PUBG mobile miramar trick. That wear an protection in PUBG mobile, so basically related to PUBG mobile I’m talking about the ghillie suit desert PUBG mobile. Which will look often color match full in PUBG mobile desert map miramar. Apart from your PUBG mobile outfits, you will found ghillie suit desert PUBG mobile more helpful and match in the miramar desert color environment.

    9. Being killed by your PUBG mobile enemies again and again, try this PUBG mobile miramar trick

    If you’re a beginner miramar PUBG mobile player, and really in confusion about how to playing in miramar desert map. Where to find miramar map loot locations, then avoid the looting procedure in PUBG mobile. Focus on playing on the miramar desert map PUBG mobile.

    If you’re in open miramar map desert area, and accidently got attacked by PUBG mobile enemies. Move rest to the near by miramar house PUBG mobile. And get protect yourself and then killed your PUBG mobile enemies by in the cover of PUBG mobile miramar houses.

    10. Throw smoke grenades in the last circle play zone, look more at this PUBG mobile miramar tricks –

    If you’re a solo player in desert map miramar PUBG mobile, and moving ahead towards the PUBG mobile safe zone. Then throw out some of PUBG mobile smoke grenades on miramar desert map PUBG mobile. This will save you from being killed and achieving rank one of winner winner chicken dinner in miramar PUBG mobile tricks.

    Thank you guys for reading this article, Techhub will be sharing more PUBG mobile Miramar tricks later on also. Keep connected with Techhub, and visit us back till then comment below your favorite PUBG mobile Miramar trick.


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