Pubg Mobile Tricks And Tips 2020, Pubg advanced tips and tricks


    PUBG Mobile Tricks And Tips 2020, PUBG advanced tips and tricks

    Hey Guys welcome back to Techhub again on my article PUBG Mobile Tricks And Tips 2020, New PUBG Mobile tricks and tips blow your mind. And I’m pretty sure that PUBG Mobile Tricks And Tips 2020, PUBG advanced tips and tricks you all PUBG mobile players really don’t know about this PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020.

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    Mentioned downwards are all the PUBG Mobile Tricks And Tips 2020, New PUBG Mobile tricks and tips blow your mind. Had been explained in this article, make it read fully to know about PUBG mobile tricks and tips.

    This is all the new PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020. experienced by me (TechHub). I am really not sure about you guys know this PUBG mobile tricks or not but still I’m updating some beginner PUBG mobile players with these PUBG mobile tricks and tips.

    1. Show your best PUBG mobile emotes while sprinting –

    You guys may had been the emote feature in the PUBG mobile. Now after the PUBG mobile new update, PUBG mobile players can use their best PUBG mobile emotes tricks and tips. Many PUBG mobile players are having very best PUBG mobile emotes.


    While other PUBG mobile players don’t have best PUBG mobile emotes. You can try this PUBG mobile best emotes feature while sprinting (running).

    2. While doing healing, you can move little bit –

    Many PUBG mobile players, would understand this only by seeing this heading. But let me explain this to other beginner PUBG mobile players, that what is this related to PUBG mobile. For example, if you got knocked down by the PUBG mobile enemies or got a shot from the enemy. Will always result in you PUBG mobile players into less health power.

    While you were doing increasing the health power in PUBG mobile. You can easily move your position a little bit to cover up yourself. If the PUBG mobile player is got damaged by the PUBG enemy in an open area then he needs to change up his position second by second. This will save him from being killed.

    3. Use Grenade, Smoke, and stunt grenade to make your enemy fear –

    Did you PUBG mobile players, ever use this PUBG mobile tricks while playing. Usually what PUBG mobile player had to be do do is make a stunt grenade or grenade, or smoke grenade quick sound. When this sound will produce the enemy think that you are throwing grenade upon him.

    On this grenade producing sound, the enemy will probably change his location. And come out from the various PUBG house’s and other covering object around him in PUBG mobile. This is one of the best PUBG mobile tricks i had try while playing PUBG mobile.


    4. Ledge and grab will help PUBG mobile players at every PUBG mobile intense fight –

    Making ledge and grab using this PUBG mobile new tricks, a PUBG player will be helped enough in every PUBG mobile intense fight. While your jumping from one building to another, PUBG players will know about this new PUBG mobile tricks.

    It will save up your PUBG health power(hp) also. Since when you jump from one apartment or house to the another one. You had many more chances of falling down but this PUBG mobile new trick save your health power. Henceforth try out these ledge and grab PUBG mobile trick.

    5. Tap on Speed boost to power up your PUBG vehicles –

    When we are on driving PUBG mobile vehicles, we got to saw a speed boost feature there. This will gradually help PUBG mobile players to save themselves from running out play zones. And from there PUBG mobile enemies if they had been trapped up by along with the PUBG mobile various vehicles.

    Till now the only best PUBG mobile tricks 2020 is this speed boost feature for increase the speed of PUBG mobile vehicles engine. Thus since early PUBG mobile starting all players had been using it already.

    6. If being attacked by PUBG enemies while driving use this PUBG mobile tricks that is change your seat –

    There is a orange type square option, we used to see when driving PUBG mobile vehicles. Hence the only advantage of change seat option in PUBG mobile is to protect yourself from the firing shots of your PUBG enemy.

    When your driving, the chance of getting patt se headshot in PUBG mobile is more. Because our head is more visible to our enemies in front while driving. And if you’re driving a PUBG vehicle without any equipped helmet or damaged helmet on head. The possibilities of headshot will be more as compared from body damage.

    7. For continuous running, switch on sprinting slide feature –

    If you don’t want to run in PUBG mobile by holding the control button upwards. Then there is a option sprinting in PUBG mobile on which you can run continuously easily. While being attacked by PUBG enemies you can sprinting run and jump on to prevent the damages.


    If you found that in PUBG mobile that play zone is coming before you then use this PUBG mobile tricks advanced. That is sprinting feature provided in PUBG mobile will help a PUBG mobile player in running more faster in the safe zone in PUBG mobile. A PUBG mobile may be used to be checkout in the comparison between the normal run and sprinting run in PUBG mobile.

    8. Not getting enough PUBG mobile tricks of sound, turn on additional PUBG mobile sound effects –

    Recently when i was on a tour, my smartphone fall down, in which i lost my little bit speaker’s volume. And then i started facing various problems while playing PUBG mobile only because of speaker’s low volume. After some months PUBG mobile had released a beat PUBG feature related to volumes.

    On this PUBG mobile new feature we can turn on the sound to three different options they are :-

    1. Normal Audio PUBG Mobile tricks Setting
    2. High Audio PUBG Mobile tricks Setting
    3. Ultra Audio PUBG Mobile tricks Setting

    Turning on this option upon your PUBG mobile choices, will simultaneously increase your speaker’s volume. Depending upon the device on which you’re playing PUBG mobile tricks advanced.

    9. For better PUBG mobile tricks advanced performance, follow this graphic settings –

    If your PUBG mobile performance is not good. Then you should lower back the PUBG mobile graphic settings. For better PUBG mobile performance, turn down the graphic settings same as shown below.

    Graphics for PUBG mobile –smooth PUBG mobile tricks advanced
    Frame rate for PUBG mobile –low or medium or sometime High ( if available).
    10. You can change the previous PUBG mobile messages into new messages –

    You have been alerting your teammates sometime, on having this small message icon on PUBG mobile screen. On the right and side of PUBG mobile interface, there are various messages to send your teammates about the situation prevailing that time. While playing PUBG mobile, we used to send these messages.

    • Help
    • Stay alert
    • Bring up voice chat
    • Enemies ahead
    • Ok
    • Charge
    • No
    • Get to the safe zone
    • Cover me
    • Head to the safe zone
    • Form up on me
    • Follow me
    • Don’t shoot
    • Don’t rush

    These were the some PUBG mobile chats messages we used to see under the PUBG chat box and message bar. We can change them into new PUBG mobile messages from PUBG mobile settings.

    So guys share this post PUBG Mobile Tricks And Tips advanced 2020. Between your PUBG mobile friends and squads also comment down below. And thanks for spending time with Techhub. Visit us again.


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