Pubg mobile tricks and tips 2020, pubg tips and tricks advanced


    PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020, latest PUBG mobile Tips

    Hey people how are you all, if you are all well back on TechHub. Then i am pretty sure and PUBG mobile tips and tricks advanced hope you all will be fine. So about today’s article on PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020, latest PUBG mobile Tips you will be all guys known already by seeing my Title and Thumbnail.


    1. Best PUBG Mobile Tricks and Tips 2020.
    2. How to became a Professional in PUBG Mobile.
    3. Top PUBG Mobile Skills to survive till last playzone.
    4. PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks Advanced

    Before starting this article TechHub, will tell the basic fundamental of PUBG Mobile Game. In PUBG mobile, 100 of the players are dropped out in a map. And later on they had to survive till end Play zone securing themselves from various Red zones.

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    And if till the last moment we survive ! We achieve our Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. With this enough lowest or highest kills. PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020, PUBG tips and tricks advanced, But all this isn’t a easy going process that players are being dropped out by an airplane on a map, and later on survive till end for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

    On this article of TechHub will be going through a briefly discussion on PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020, latest PUBG mobile Tips.

    Basic PUBG Mobile Tricks and tips 2020 :

    1. Get your internet connection with a good quality servers i.e the lowers the value PUBG mobile ping drops down of green color than the more the internet connectivity will get strong.
    2. And if the PUBG mobile ping increases to the red color than it is a sign of your bad low speed internet connectivity.
    3. Try to set-up your own PUBG mobile claw settings which will get your only best results you will be needed while playing PUBG mobile. As I’m also using my own best PUBG mobile claw settings on which i take up-to more than 25 Kills in every single PUBG match specially TDM warehouse.
    4. You will be needed more practise to become a professional PUBG mobile player. Playing PUBG mobile day by day, will get you enough of the clutch IQ to face PUBG mobile enemies on your front.
    5. For Making yourself an overdose PUBG mobile player you will be needed more practises and PUBG mobile’s gaming experience. And this is the only cause on which I’m telling you again.

    How to survive till last play zone in PUBG mobile :

    As, i am covering up this topic first because it has been added in the Highlights points of this article. So people let’s discuss on How to survive till last play zone in PUBG mobile. Do you people thinking that why i am getting you survival trick in PUBG mobile.

    Since the main reason of me, to write about this PUBG survive tips is many of the PUBG mobile beginner players. Had to be deal with PUBG mobile professional player on sometimes only.

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    And we very well known that the PUBG mobile beginner player will not be no longer survive in PUBG mobile if he had to face a professional PUBG mobile player instead of PUBG bots.

    Tips for PUBG mobile to survive till end play zone [ PUBG BEGINNER TIPS ] :

    1. If you are an beginner PUBG mobile player and you are killing by PUBG enemies again and again. Try to maintain your PUBG firing up speed and moving skills in mind. PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020 PUBG tips and tricks advanced.
    2. Choose a safe PUBG mobile destination while being dropped out of the plane. Choosing an safe place for a beginner may increases his survival time till last play zone in PUBG mobile. In case other if you want to still dropped off to an enormous place of enemies, where a lot of enemies are coming together. Then your PUBG mobile guns should to be ready with you.
    3. Try to choose strongest PUBG mobile guns combinations to kill your enemies without being killed yourself. Making guns combine power together, will kill your front PUBG mobile enemy fast. For example when your firing from one AR guns, then another PUBG mobile gun could to be switched while the other gun is reloading.

    Using this PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020, latest PUBG mobile Tips. You could be a better PUBG mobile professional player.

    Follow this PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020, latest PUBG mobile Tips :

    • Try to choose a better internet connection for PUBG mobile.
    • Drop only at that PUBG location where you believe to survive and have less enemies dropped there.
    • As i have already told upward make your PUBG mobile guns combination very unique to kill PUBG mobile enemies.
    • Try to play like a professional, don’t put yourself in PUBG open area.
    • In the end play zone hide yourself so such that enemies can’t saw you, and you make them kill.
    • Hence, get your Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
    Which is best PUBG mobile gun to kill your enemies fast ?

    If you look over at my best PUBG mobile guns choice, i will recommend you only few PUBG mobile guns which is being used by me while playing PUBG mobile. Hence all that’s PUBG mobile guns are :-

    M416Used for both Close range and Sniping
    AKMOnly for only close range
    M762Strongest PUBG mobile gun in close range
    GROZAAlso Strongest PUBG mobile gun in close range
    M249Very powerful PUBG mobile gun to wipe a squad in one second
    AUGIt is also a best PUBG mobile close range gun
    SCAR-LBest gun for close range as well as sniping
    TOMMY GUNNormal PUBG mobile gun for close range
    UMP-45Also Normal PUBG mobile gun for close range
    DP-25Beast PUBG Mobile Gun for close range and for sniping also
    SKSgood PUBG mobile sniping gun
    MINI-14also best PUBG mobile sniper gun
    SLRnot good enough for close range and sniping
    MK14good power in auto mode to kill enemies in few seconds
    KAR98Kcommon PUBG mobile sniper with enough damage giving quality
    M24best PUBG mobile sniping gun, found easily
    AWMThe PUBG Mobile sniper gun which can knocked down in just one shot only.

    If you want more PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020, latest PUBG mobile Tips. Then comment us below, and don’t forget to visit TechHub back. PUBG mobile tricks and tips 2020 PUBG tips and tricks advanced. Thank You.


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