Top 5 PUBG Mobile features, PUBG mobile tips and tricks 2020


    Top 5 PUBG Mobile features, PUBG mobile tips and tricks 2020 :

    PUBG MOBILE is a popular worldwide online playing game in smartphones. And as about PUBG mobile there are very PUBG mobile articles published on our website by Techhub.

    let’s start with our new PUBG mobile topic that is Top 5 Pubg Mobile features, PUBG mobile tips and tricks 2020.

    Today Techhub had been going through a article on pubg mobile that is Top 5 Pubg Mobile features, pubg mobile tips and tricks 2020. And today we will be starting Techhub’s pubg mobile tips and tricks 2020 article with very easy understating information steps.

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    • Top 5 PUBG mobile features
    • New PUBG Mobile tips and tricks 2020
    • Latest PUBG mobile update 2020

    About new PUBG mobile tips and tricks 2020 :-

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    In the last winter PUBG mobile update 2020. We had got many several PUBG mobile changes as well as many latest or new PUBG mobile things added up.

    From this continuous improvement and upgrades from tencent games PUBG mobile. We can absolutely say that PUBG mobile new updates 2020 are on its way to hit PUBG mobile players very hardly attractive.

    Let’s bring some new PUBG mobile features 2020 by Techhub for its lovely audiences there :

    1. Grappling Hook PUBG mobile feature

    According to pubg mobile recent updates and reports it had been conformed by pubg mobile to add a new pubg mobile feature grappling hook feature.

    This feature can easily allow pubg mobile players to make easy climbed roof or any other mountains to reach it out without any difficulty. This point out the to shoot out the from highest grappling hook and that grappling hook will push its object in forwards.

    2. PUBG mobile new shield feature

    Moreover pubg mobile had finally provide us with this amazing pubg mobile feature. That is we can be able be to deploy a shield in order to protect yourself against an enemy which is coming soon. Pubg player will be predicted a special shield skill before playerunknown battlegrounds game.


    When this shield being deployed by a pubg player it will be shooted with flash grenade around his enemies. Hence a shield will be created by deploying a bomb by a player to his enemies.

    Significantly it will be more helpful for noob pubg players roaming around in open pubg locations. And make us cover by its shield to protect against our enemy.

    3. Drones in PUBG Mobile

    Sincerely pubg mobile had started its planning in adding up drones in pubg mobile. We can say that the drones in call of duty mobile will be as same as pubg mobile drone update. But it will be specified by more pubg guns attacking equipments.


    The feature of pubg mobile drone update is it will track our near by enemies by producing a alarm like sound ring. Hence we get easily locations of any pubg mobile player playing in around you people.

    4. Now we can heal or revive our teammate while moving in pubg mobile new updates 2020

    Surprisingly i found his pubg mobile new feature as the most important update ever on pubg mobile. We have to face sometimes problems while reviving his/her teammate is that he had been also killed by the same enemy facing In front of them.

    And when we tried to move yourself while reviving our teammate make the reviving process stop. But now in this new pubg mobile feature we can heal or revive while moving and that’s mean to be the first ever best pubg mobile update 2020.

    5. Can switch in both TPP or FPP while playing a pubg match

    Accordingly in previous terms of pubg mobile update users would have to select the pubg mode in which had to be matched. But now we can switch the TPP or FPP while playing the pubg mobile game itself.

    We just had to enabled it from pubg mobile settings. And can switch TPP from FPP at a single time itself. Let’s you pubg mobile player try this and let Techhub know about it in the comment section below.

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